Reise nach Trondheim

Das Auslandsstudium geht los:
Am Do. bin ich von Düsseldorf nach Oslo geflogen, von wo aus ich einen Bus nach Trondheim genommen habe. Die Landschaft war tatsächlich wunderschön, wie im Bilderbuch. Freitag morgens, kurz nach meiner Ankunft, bezog ich mein “Zimmer” (Großraumzimmer, ca. 30 Betten) in einer Jugendherberge. Wieso eigtl. Jugendherberge? Ich habe noch keine Wohnung… Weiteres bald!
p.s. das “kalte” Norwegen empfing mich mit einem sonnigen 25°C warmen Tag!

My year of studying abroad has started:
On Thursday I flew to Oslo, where I continued my journey to Trondheim via bus. As expected, the scenery was really stunning! So on Friday morning, shortly after I had arrived in Trondheim, I checked in to a youth-hostel. Unfortunately I am sharing my room with 29 other students, all in the same position as I am: not having a place to stay yet… More details are to follow soon!
p.s. the “cold” Norway welcomed me with a sunny day with temperatures over 25°C!

La aventura Noruega comenzó:
Ayer, Jueves, me fui por avión a Oslo, el capital de Noruega. De ahí seguí mi viaje en bus, haste que llegué a Trondheim, acá es “Trondhjem”. Lamentablemente yo no pudé ir a mi cuarto o apartamento o lo que sea, pero en lugar de eso ahora mi hogar es un albuergue de jóvenes, compartiendo una sala de dormir con otras 29 estudiantes que tienen el mismo problema que yo…cual problema exactamente es, les digo pronto…!
p.s. La Noruega “fría” me dió un día de bienvenido con más que 25 grados!

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One Comment on “Reise nach Trondheim”

  1. Grandpa in NZ Says:

    Sorry I don’t get round to reading blogs very often. There are usually too many other things that I should be doing!Thanks for taking the trouble to put in the translation for us. We can usually sort out the German but it takes a lot of time.
    We like the look of your lady friend! You must bring her to visit us one day.
    The rest of your pictures are very good too!


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